2 Days in San Antonio

In November of last year my brother, my boyfriend, and I went to San Antonio Tx., and we spent 3 days in the city and really enjoyed it. This was our itinerary, I do hope you enjoy and can get some use out of it!

Day 1: On our first day in San Antonio we landed, checked in to our hotel, and decided to search for food. After careful consideration we found the Smoke Shack, which if you are a Food Network fan, you’ll be excited to know that Guy Fieri visited the resturant for Diners Drive-In’s and Dives. This restaurant did not disappoint, and is probably the best BBQ I’ve ever had. After this we checked out the Chinese Tea Gardens, which is a fun and free activity to do in San Antonio. They have gorgeous views of greenery, bamboo, koi fish, and waterfalls. There is a small restaurant where you can buy refreshments. Later that night, we enjoyed the San Antonio Museum of Art which was tasteful yet inexpensive. Definatly one of my favorite things we did while in San Antonio.

Day 2: On our second day we woke up and hit the famous Riverwalk! Filled with a multitude of shops and restaurants, the Riverwalk is a must see when in San Antonio. It was decorated for Christmas when we went, since it was November, the river gives a serene vibe for an afternoon walk. We got some great pictures, ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, and walked until we got close to the Alamo. We visited the historic Alamo, then the wax museum and Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, which is right beside the Alamo. (I don’t reccomend seeing a wax figure museum or Ripley’s if you have already seen one in the last few years, because they can be pricey and never change!). After all this, it was getting dark and our feet were getting tired so we decided to take a boat ride down the river. The host was very funny and knew quite a bit about the area, which is always nice for people who don’t know anything about where they are. To end the night we went to Lulu’s cafe which is home to the 2lb Cinnamon roll, which was so good but the three of us could not finish!

Unfortunately, this trip we only had two days to spend in San Antonio but I feel like we could have explored for a few more days. We left wishing there was more time in the day. Until next time San Antonio!

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