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Friday Faves!

I’d like to come to you on this Friday to show you some of my favorite things! I love making lists, its a love of mine, so here’s a list I made of things I have been loving this week.


– Dr. Scholl’s Slip-on Sneakers

These are my FAVORITE shoe right now. I’ve bought so many tennis shoes that are advertised to be comfortable and none of them measure up to this shoe. I wear them casually but also when I work and they have passed the nurse test. Hands down the most comfortable shoe that I’ve owned. You can check them out here!

Really love these shoes, I wear them with just about everything!

– American Eagle Mom Jeans

I just picked some of these up for the first time last week and they have become an instant favorite. The style I got was on sale for 19.99$ at the time and I just couldn’t pass it up. I actually wore them for the cover picture of one of my recent post “Quarantine & Chill” (which you can check out here). I searched for the particular one I got online and couldn’t find them, however these do remind me of them.

-Wicker Purse

It’s finally that time of year again, we can all pull out our summer accessories! My wicker purse was my most used accessory of last summer and I was giddy to pull it out again! You can pick up one like mine here!

Me, my bestie, my favorite movie, and my favorite purse of the week.


-Madison Braid

Okay so for those of you who don’t know, a Madison braid is a headband that looks like real hair braided. I just got mine about a week ago and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m not someone who is good at hair so this has been a simple thing to add to a look. This is mine, I ordered it in the color brunette and I think it matches perfectly!

I decided to wear it for work and it really stayed put and looked cute all night.

-Witch Hazel

At a time when every time I go to work I have to wear a face mask for 12 hours, Witch hazel is my best friend. It’s gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and it has kept me from getting any breakouts. I just picked mine up from Walmart.

Somewhat Random Buys

-64oz TAL Water Bottle

I decided I wanted to try to start drinking more water because of it’s many benefits. This water bottle (I call it a jug) has made it so much simpler to get the right amount of water. It definitely keeps water cool for a long time. I got mine here, and I can’t believe how cheap it is!

My best friend made me this sticker!

-Love Letter

So I did mention Love Letter in one of my previous posts, however, My family and I have been playing it so much this week. We are big board game/ cards people so this game is right in our ballpark. You can pick it up here, thank me later!

What I’ve Been Watching

-Fixer Upper

Honestly, I pretty much watch an episode (or more) of Fixer Upper a day. It’s on Hulu for streaming. I do quite enjoy watching JoJo work her magic.

Songs I’ve Been Listening To

– “X” by the Jonas Brothers feat. KAROL G

-“Seeing Blind” by Niall Horan and Maren Morris

-“My Oh My” by Camilla Cabello feat. DaBaby


-Office Ladies

If I’m not watching Fixer Upper I’m likely rewatching The Office. This podcast is hosted by Angela Kinsey (played Angela) and Jenna Fischer (played Pam). They recount every episode and give stories about filming. A new episode comes out every Wednesday, and I always listen right away!


-Lemon Cream Cheese Bars

I made this recipe last week and I swear it was all eaten in a day. It was a task trying to get my family to wait for it to cool. It’s so easy to make but taste amazing! Here is the recipe. Enjoy!

That concludes this list of favorites. If you decide to check any of these things out, please let me know! Until next time.

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