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5 Tips for Healthy Hair

My family never let me cut my hair as a kid. I had hair almost to my butt, it was beautiful and healthy. In 8th grade I finally got permission from my mom to cut my hair, as rebellious teens do, I rebelled and cut my hair chin length. After getting over my stubbornness, I realized this look wasn’t flattering to my face shape and decided to start growing my hair out. Ever since I decided to grow my hair out, I’ve grown an appreciation for my hair along with the inches and I decided I wanted it to be healthy. These are my tips for healthy hair.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

This tip is one that has been repeated over and over again but it really made a difference in my hair so I must mention it one more time. My hair is straight and pretty flat so I will wash my hair every other day. I’ve tried going longer but my hair just begins looking greasy and flatter. If you can go longer do it, my max may be two days but yours could be more.

Reduce The Amount of Heat Styling

This was another thing that made a big change in the way my hair looked. In school I would flat iron my hair almost every morning, thus frying the hair and making it look dry. When I quit using the flat iron so much my hair started to look alive again. Now I use the blow dryer after I wash my hair to give it some volume, but I wait until the hair is almost dry to do it. Also I curl my hair maybe once a month or on special occasions. I recommend if you do heat style your hair, you use a protective spray.

Utilize Oils

Every now and then I’ll rub my whole head down in organic coconut oil to soften the hair. I’ll leave it on for as long as I can and then wash my hair really good. The result is shiny hair free from frizz. However this isn’t the only way to use oils. I have the OGX coconut oil spray, that you can shop here, I like it for after I blow dry my hair. I’ll spray it towards the ends of my hair and I think it helps with breakage but also with frizz.

Invest in a Quality Hairbrush

I only buy brushes from the brand Wet Brush because they are said to reduce breakage. However, I never brush my hair when it’s completely wet. I like to use this one when I brush my hair damp and this one for when it’s dry. I also try not to brush it too much, only when I need to style it or right before I blow dry.

Be Mindful of How You are Putting Your Hair Up

This part is important for managing breakage. I have two points to make in this section. First, invest in some silk or satin scrunchies because they are more gentle on the hair. When you wear other hair ties, they will often damage your hair at the place where they are tied. Second, use various ways to put your hair up. Do a low ponytail one day, followed by a high bun, and then maybe a braid. The reason for this is wearing your hair continuously in one spot causes breakage and it will become noticeable with time.

Bonus tip: The safest way to wear your hair when you sleep is in a single braid.

That concludes my tips for this post, but it does not have to end the conversation. Feel free to comment your own tips, we can all learn from each other!

15 thoughts on “5 Tips for Healthy Hair

  1. First off, you have beautiful hair! Second, I really appreciate all your tips on heathy hair. I never knew that the safest way to wear your hair to sleep was in a braid. I’ll try that tonight!

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  2. These are amazing tips!!! I am so guility of only ever throwing my hair into a bun!! I will for sure be more mindful of how I wear it!

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  3. It’s good that the whether in your country does not need you to wash your hair everyday. In Malaysia, we must wash our hair everyday. It’s humid here. Washing out hair everyday is part of taking care our skin as well.

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    1. Yes, I imagine climate and level of activity can be a factor in how much you wash your hair. I used to wash mine everyday out of habit, it ended up being better for me to cut back some. Thanks for reading!


    1. Thank you so much!! I was in the same predicament before I started my journey to achieve healthy hair. I suggest following these tips, along with putting some coconut oil on them ends when you can and letting it sit for a while before washing. Also make sure you aren’t putting conditioner on your roots, that’ll help with greasiness up there. Lastly, get you a good dry shampoo that works for you (my favorite is Not Your Mother’s). Thanks for reading!


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