Our Time in Winter Park, Colorado

We spent a few days in Winter Park a couple years ago at the begining of April, end of May. We were actually accompanying Nathan’s cousin on a school band trip (Winter Park does hold a band competition every few years) and even though we were with her school, we had an amazing time and enjoyed the many things Winter Park had to offer.

We were able to get skiing lessons from a competent professional. I didn’t end up being any good at it but Nathan did pretty well! Being from Florida this was something we had never tried before and really enjoyed the chance to learn.

Another thing we really had fun with was the gondola. The gondola would take you to the top of a mountain that had breath-taking views, a nice restaurant, and a few skiing trails for people who had more experience. I remember we just sat up there for the longest time just talking and taking in all of the beauty. This is also where we took the majority of our pictures.

As I mentioned before, we are from Florida, so when it began to snow on our first day there we were so excited. That was the first time either of us had seen snow. Sitting around one of their fire pits while watching the snow fall was one of my favorite moments from our trip.

This trip was the trip that made me fall in love with travel. The exhilaration of being somewhere that is nothing like where you live is such an addiction!

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