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Things Every New Homeowner Needs

I recently became a new homeowner. A question I got used to hearing by my friends and family is “what do you need?”, and I didn’t know how to answer. Truth is, you don’t know what you need until you need it! This is a list of things I think you’ll want to have around.

Cooking Needs:

  • Bakeware Set: I love to bake, and this particular set has met my baking needs and is reasonably priced. You can find these here.
  • A Cute Utensil Holder: I am OBSESSED with this utensil holder. I personally have decorated my house in the farmhouse style but I feel that this piece could go with any style. It is simple and clean looking. I have mine in white. You can find this one here.

Decor Needs:

  • Wax Warmer: Wax Warmers are so neat and they put out so much scent. It will not be hard to find the wax refills, I see them everywhere! I really like the look and price point of this wax warmer. You can find this one here!

Random Needs:

  • Spare Key Hiding Spot: The times of slipping it under the doormat is over! I found this little rock and knew I had to have it! You can pick it up here.

I do hope the items on this list have inspired you whether you have a new home or you’ve been in your home for years. If you do decide to buy and use these links I will get a small commission from them. However, I have used everything on this list and truly recommend them. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Things Every New Homeowner Needs

  1. I so enjoyed your blog every thing you shared and seeing how you put pictures of all the things you described, I will check it all out thanks, until next time!!

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