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My DIY Centerpiece

Every table needs a centerpiece. I struggled to find something that spoke to me when looking at Pinterest. I like pieces that mean something to me. This idea came to me when we had to cut a tree down in my yard.

I had my Grandpa, who was cutting the tree down, slice three pieces out with his chainsaw. A relatively thin piece, a thicker one, and then finally the thickest. After being cut they feel moist, so I left them on the porch to dry out.

After they dried out, I picked up some semi-transparent stain (you can find the one I used here) . As the wood dries it loses that beautiful color that it once was, and the stain helps with that. A little goes a long way, I brushed this on lightly before shellacking it.

Next, I picked up some shellac spray (which you can find it <a href="http://Rust-Oleum Zinsser 408 Bulls Eye Clear Shellac Spray 12 oz“>here), it is what helps to seal the wood and make a nice finishing top coat.

After the shellac is applied I gave it a day to dry before I brought it off of the porch. This is what it looked like while drying:

Finally came the task of what to do with the wood I had finished.. I knew I wanted it to be a focal point of the house but I didn’t know where. Eventually I did decide on the kitchen island so I could look at it everyday. I finished with some little decor pieces that I found at Hobby Lobby.

My finished product!

22 thoughts on “My DIY Centerpiece

  1. I love the use of the wood slices – they really add a fun and rustic feeling to the space. That would look GREAT in our dining room. I think you’ve inspired me to create something new and fun for our house.

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  2. I am always looking for DIY pieces for my house! I love being crafty. It’s so relaxing and I love seeing what I have created in the end! Thanks for this post. Can’t wait to make one of these centerpieces!

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